MissaX – Push Plxy – Kimmy Granger


Includes: A dark phantom futa with a penchant for collecting, Kimmy Granger, growth stages, cum shot, nipple hardening and growth.

Kimmy comes home in the morning, she XXXX at the office again trying to keep up with the constant demands of her boss. She grabs her mail and sees an envelope, she rolls her eyes, more files to categorize and log for her boss. She takes off her work clothes and changes into her loungewear when she notices the package has no return address. It’s not like her boss to drop something off at her home, but maybe..

She decides to put it in and press play, and she’s immediately grabbed by the creepy images. The images of girls sweating, changing, images of creepy, yet familiar land, the images feel so real, as if the women are pleading for her help from the screen. She decides to shut her computer but a pull, like an magnetic XXXX keeps her in her chair. She begins to sweat, she feels aroused, terrified, her nipples harden, her spine tingles, her clit swells, and her heart begins to race. Kimmy wants to scream for help, she wants to turn her face away from the screen, she’s caught by the cycling images of women going through changes, body changes just like her. She feels a tugging at her clit, and pulsating within her, something is going to burst inside of her, she moans in pain and pleasure. It’s growing, growing thicker, longer, down her leg, she sees the images of the women progress, just like her, they’re exploding, she’s terrified of what comes next, but she must feel relief, she tells herself, “let go,” and she explodes. Her body is letting go of all the tension, it fees amazing to drain the worry, the fear, but with every drop of cum that leaves her body, a drop of her life leaves with it. She grabs the arms of the chair with every morsel of strength within her, but she’s too weak, her life is being imprinted on the disk, her experience is embedded with the other women. She is a part of his collection. She hears the whispers of the other women, the familiar voices from the video, they’re calling her home. She walks towards the light.

Watch the story unfold..

Date: October 12, 2017
Actors: Kimmy Granger